Monthly Archives: March 2013

Portfolio page has been updated and links work!

All of the thumbnails in the portfolio page has links to the full illustrations now!

Also, you may notice in the menu bar, there’s now a “Buy” page. This will contain all of the stuff I’m selling at the time. Right now, I’m taking pre-orders for my thesis comic, The Electric Rose. Price and info are listed on the page!

I think that’s it for now. I have a portfolio showing tomorrow so I’m gonna go rest up for that. Talk to you guys soon.


First post!

I had the hardest time getting this site to work, but it’s working now! I just started constructing it all today, so it’s gonna be a few more days before everything is as it should be.

I’m currently working on my senior thesis. As of now there are only 11 pages left to ink, and then I can get to work on screentoning the rest of the comic pages and then work on the cover and all the extra pages of my graphic novel, most of which are done already.

That’s all for now. I’ll check back in sometime soon so that you all get the update on how close this site is to being complete.