Monthly Archives: October 2013

I’m alive!



I’m alive! I’ve just been working, both out in the real world and on my illustration work. You may have noticed already, but I have updated my portfolio in the past month, though I plan on doing it again sometime soon after I finish this next piece that I’m currently working on. I’m getting there, it’s just not done yet, haha.


Also, I designed a postcard –the front of it anyway — that I’m going to send out to art directors and stuff! It looks like this: Screenshot (39)

I’m pretty fond of it, I think. 🙂


I’ve also started advertising my webcomic through Project Wonderful. I also now own the url for and I’m currently using it as a redirect to the smackjeeves site where my comic is actually hosted. So now you can just go to and it’ll take you straight to the site! It’s much shorter that, right? And, of course, I’ve been updating my comic every week, so I’ve been busy with that too.  I’ve also started a profile on,  and I have a LinkedIn now under my name, Kiara Williams (my profile picture there is currently a crop of my business card).

I also have a society6 account and I’m selling prints and things there, and my book is still up for sale on CreateSpace! Go buy stuff! 😀 I’m also thinking about doing another book where it’s the first 8 chapters of my comic instead of the just the first four.


Also, I’m trying to get into my first Artist’s Alley table within the next 6 months to a year; my next target right now is NashiCon, which is in April here in Columbia. Here’s a list of things I’m trying to work my way to getting at my AA table at some point:

  • Art prints
  • Postcards (both for my personal site and my comic site)
  • More business cards (again, probably for both sites but personal site takes priority, especially since I’m probably just going to drop past artwork into it lol)
  • Bookmarks maybe?
  • Acrylic charms
  • I need to save up for one of those tall banners. They’re like $150 though, but they apparently last forever.
  • T-shirts eventually, but not now.

So that’s pretty much why I haven’t updated much around this site; I’ve been so busy with everything else! But I’ll try to update a few things around here soon.


See you guys around!