Monthly Archives: March 2014

Sorry that I went missing for a while

I’ve mainly been updating my facebook page instead of this site. So I’m gonna run through what’s been going on lately, as things have been happening super fast recently.

  • I got accepted into my first Artist Alley back in February. I will be sharing a table at NashiCon with my friend Jeannie Harmon. So I’ve been preparing prints for that.
  • Not long after that, I also found out that I will have a table at HeroesCon, also with Jeannie. Preparing for HeroesCon should be easier since I’ll already have most of my stuff still from NashiCon.
  • So as you might guess, I’ve been busy drawing prints for conventions. Prints and Progress Shots  and I’m still trying to do more before April gets here. Wish me luck!
  • You also might guess that I’ve been running around the internet at top speed trying to find places to get good prints for cheap. You’d be correct. I think I may have found a place, though. I’m still waiting on my test prints from Walmart to get here. (9 cents a print for 4 x  6? Why not, right?)
  • On top of that, I’ve still been keeping up with my webcomic. I just finished Chapter 11 on Monday. 🙂 I’m gonna have to take a hiatus at some point for NashiCon, however.
  • Also for NashiCon, I finally got around to printing these:These are postcards that I’m gonna give away at my table. I was able to get 100 of these for $8! I’m also gonna draw a postcard to promote my webcomic; I should be working on that soon.
  • And I’ll be getting business cards too fairly soon.
  • I also started a RedBubble account! (You may have noticed this change on my Contact page.
  • And at this very moment I’m bouncing around eBay trying to find good protective bags for me and Jeannie’s prints.

So like I said, I’ve been busy. Right now I’m deciding on the next prints to do and then I get right back to drawing!


Well that’s it for now. I’ll try not to update so little from now on!