Monthly Archives: January 2015

New things!

Haven’t talked on this page since last year! Really sorry about that.

Anyway, if you’re reading this post, it probably means that you’ve noticed a few new things going on on the site. I figured it was time to try a little something new. I’m not entirely sure I like it yet; things may still change. But it’s something new, and that’s exciting!


Also, if you’ve clicked the links to buy my books on CreateSpace in the last few hours or so, you may have noticed that they are currently down/not for sale at the moment. That will be fixed by the end of the day tomorrow, don’t worry! Had to make small quick changes to the books, but if you’ve used CreateSpace, then you know that making any changes means that you must go through the review process again, which takes about a day. So all volumes will be back up for sale tomorrow.

As for the con season this year, I’m looking to go to NashiCon, MomoCon, and HeroesCon and table there. I’ve already tabled at Nashi and Heroes before so going back should be fun! I’ve already been accepted into NashiCon so my table there is guaranteed. I’ll be seeing you all in April!


Those are all the basics of what’s going on right now. I’ll catch you all another time!