Monthly Archives: October 2017

Happy Fall~!

I’ve haven’t been doing too much outside of the comic since NashiCon, but there have been a few new things since then. (Please follow the comic’s blog if you’d like to keep up with the updates!)

The Electric Rose Volume 7 is now available to purchase! (I updated the Buy page when it was ready but never announced it.)

In case you missed it, I have an instagram account now for my art.

Storenvy has been updated to include all of my new art from NashiCon.

The Electric Rose now has a Patreon! Please check out all of the tiers if you are interested in supporting the comic! I’ve also completed the Noble Jester Arc and started the Summoners Arc!

If you’d like to support the comic another way and get free art, put in a vote for it over at TopWebcomics and get some free art every month! Don’t miss out! There’s no way to get the art after the month ends unless you’re a patron!

I’m all over the place online so if you’d like to find and support me, don’t hesitate to look for me! 😀

As far as conventions, I probably won’t be at another one until NashiCon again next year, so Storenvy is currently the best place to get prints directly from me!

I’ll be back soon, so until then: