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Happy Fall~!

I’ve haven’t been doing too much outside of the comic since NashiCon, but there have been a few new things since then. (Please follow the comic’s blog if you’d like to keep up with the updates!)

The Electric Rose Volume 7 is now available to purchase! (I updated the Buy page when it was ready but never announced it.)

In case you missed it, I have an instagram account now for my art.

Storenvy has been updated to include all of my new art from NashiCon.

The Electric Rose now has a Patreon! Please check out all of the tiers if you are interested in supporting the comic! I’ve also completed the Noble Jester Arc and started the Summoners Arc!

If you’d like to support the comic another way and get free art, put in a vote for it over at TopWebcomics and get some free art every month! Don’t miss out! There’s no way to get the art after the month ends unless you’re a patron!

I’m all over the place online so if you’d like to find and support me, don’t hesitate to look for me! 😀

As far as conventions, I probably won’t be at another one until NashiCon again next year, so Storenvy is currently the best place to get prints directly from me!

I’ll be back soon, so until then:



Post NashiCon and Changes to the Comic

NashiCon was a blast! I’m glad I was able to meet everyone, some familiar and some brand new! Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to buy prints or commission me! It was really appreciated! I hope to see you guys next year! My next convention will probably be Soda City Comic Con in late August, which will also be in Columbia, SC! Please look forward to it!

In other news, as we are nearing the 4th anniversary of my webcomic being A Thing (!!), there are changes coming to the site.

FIRST OFF: My Patreon will be launching on April 10th! If you’d like to see a preview of the incentives you can get for pledging to my Patreon, click here. You may notice something immediately as you read over the incentives, which brings me to my second point.

SECOND POINT: Updates are moving to Tuesdays starting April 17th, unless you are a Patron, who will still get the updates on Mondays. To be a Patron, it only costs a dollar! That’s all you need to get the update the day before everyone else, so please consider pledging!

Thank you and I’ll see you guys on the 10th~!

Good evening, folks~!

Whew! Is it really mid-March already? Hard to believe!

Well, it’s already time for my next convention!

Nashi Con Convention Ad

Those who are familiar with me being at NashiCon know that I am usually on the top floor during the convention, so keep in mind that I am downstairs this year!

Here’s the new prints that are gonna be there this year!

Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary cropUltra Space Lunala
Ultra Space Solgaleo

And did I mention that they will all be holographic? 😀 So if you’re in or near Columbia in a couple weeks, feel free to swing by NashiCon and say hi!

See you soon!


I’m gonna be at HeroesCon in two weeks! *casually rips hair out*

Here’s all my new prints for this year’s convention season!

Well, almost all of them. I have another super secret holographic print that you can only be the first to see if you’re at HeroesCon! Everyone else will have to wait until I start Chapter 29 of my webcomic to see it, as it’s gonna be its cover image.

Above’s all the info you’re gonna need to find me! I hope to see you all in Charlotte! 😀

Convention Ad

See you soon~!


Good evening!

I recently went on hiatus from my comic so that I could prepare from NashiCon here in Columbia, which is next week! 😀  I’ve already put together a couple prints for it, and am looking to get in one more before con, because I am nothing if not the Best Procrastinator in the Known Universe.

Here’s what I have so far!

I hope to add at least one more before the 1st, when I’ll be at the con. 😀

If you’re in Columbia next weekend, I’ll be at table 21, right between the Dealer’s Room and the Main Events room! I look forward to seeing you all there!

In other news, The Electric Rose is back on Tapastic! I had originally posted up to chapter 13 or so but I kinda sorta abandoned it to focus on the main site. But now I’ve decided to update both at the same time! 😀  So starting April 11th, both sites will be updating at the same time every Monday!

Last thing, have you seen my updated Personal Work page? I made an illustration section as well as added a sequential section. I have about 740+ pages of my comic now, so why not show what I can do in that area of my work? Please check it out!

That’s all for now. See you at NashiCon April 1st-3rd!


Happy new year!

See? Told ya I wouldn’t be gone for as long! 😀

I took the beginning of the year slow. I went on a brief hiatus after completing Chapter 24 of my webcomic, mostly to take the time to publish Volume 5 of it! 😀 It’s available in print now, and though there are links to the Kindle version, you might want to wait to get those until the end of the week. I found a few issues with the Kindle files for Volumes 4 and 5 and I am working to fix those (but Amazon take forever to approve and publish the updates! Hmph…). For now feel free to look at the samples of them and I’ll be back to let you know when those are available! Hey, the fixed Kindle files are now live! So feel free to go have a look at them on the Buy page!

Anyway, I just came by to give the good news of having another volume out for you all to buy! 😀 I gotta get make to making comic updates for next week!



I should really post more…

I promise to start updating more than once a year, haha. I’ve been updating the site here and there for various reasons. The portfolio has been updated, namely the Personal Work section. Also! Earlier this year, Volume 4 of The Electric Rose went up for sale! (On Elysia’s birthday, in fact!) The Kindle version hasn’t been put up yet, but it should be up soon, so keep an eye out for it! But you can read the comic for free right now right over here!

Speaking of which, is no longer just a redirect URL to the smackjeeves site! It is now its own standalone webcomic site with its own fancy-shmancy URL! The site is still in the middle of the Noble Jester takeover, however. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? You should be reeeeeading!) Chapter 23 “Fracture” will be wrapping up this Monday so now is the perfect time to be catching up!

(And you should keep reading the Monday after that, and the Monday after that, and the Monday after that…)

(The webcomic updates on Mondays, is what I’m saying. 😀 )

My 2015 con season ended over the summer, but I’m looking forward to getting back into it next year. Right now, I’m shooting for NashiCon in Columbia, S.C., typically held in April. I’ll likely be spending more time at local cons, namely cons in South Carolina and possibly Charlotte. There’s 4 conventions a year in Columbia alone, so if you’re around at a con I’m attending next year, don’t be afraid to say hi!

I do still have all my prints and books up for sale, so please don’t hesitate to visit the Buy and Contact/Links pages and have a look around!

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! Talk to you all again soon (I mean it this time)!


New things!

Haven’t talked on this page since last year! Really sorry about that.

Anyway, if you’re reading this post, it probably means that you’ve noticed a few new things going on on the site. I figured it was time to try a little something new. I’m not entirely sure I like it yet; things may still change. But it’s something new, and that’s exciting!


Also, if you’ve clicked the links to buy my books on CreateSpace in the last few hours or so, you may have noticed that they are currently down/not for sale at the moment. That will be fixed by the end of the day tomorrow, don’t worry! Had to make small quick changes to the books, but if you’ve used CreateSpace, then you know that making any changes means that you must go through the review process again, which takes about a day. So all volumes will be back up for sale tomorrow.

As for the con season this year, I’m looking to go to NashiCon, MomoCon, and HeroesCon and table there. I’ve already tabled at Nashi and Heroes before so going back should be fun! I’ve already been accepted into NashiCon so my table there is guaranteed. I’ll be seeing you all in April!


Those are all the basics of what’s going on right now. I’ll catch you all another time!




Prepared for HeroesCon!

Giant HeroesCon post since I didn’t update on this blog at all throughout the entire two months between NashiCon and HeroesCon. Well, now I’ll fix that. 🙂

On top of the 15 prints I did for NashiCon, I’m also bringing 5 new ones, which you can see at the bottom of this post.

I also ordered some new postcards that I’ll be giving away at the convention. The front still looks the same, but I added a little bit to the back to make it better.

I think it makes the back look a lot less plain, and it goes with the front!

I thought about bringing my books to sell, but that won’t be possible. Maybe at the next convention I sell at. (I’d have three volumes by then probably, haha.)

But I can always direct people to the actual webcomic, so there’s that. 🙂

I will be selling my prints along with my friend and fellow illustrator Jeannie Harmon. We’ll be at table AA-623. Hope to see you there! Look for the purple wig!

Here’s the new prints added for HeroesCon:


See you June 20th-22nd!